NN Vision Labs is a dynamic creative hub home to some of Europe's finest visual FX artists, Cinematographers and Directors. Meet a selection of the team below:

Fabio Mota

Cinematographer and Director with an interest for beauty and drama. Fabio's ability to create a highly inspired but relaxed energy on set comes from an experience beyond his years. Firsty as a young actor and later behind the lens as a director of comedy sketches and short films. Ever drawn to the beauty of a strong visual aesthetic, Fabio has been capturing engaging moments as a Director of Photography ever since. This ability was quickly picked up by commercial clients like Unilever, Unitymedia and Otto Bock. He is truly at bliss when making beautiful inspiring films.

Philipp Fehling

His work speaks for itself. Creating the most stunning visuals for the worlds biggest brands and artists Philipp brings to Neon Nursery a level of excellence second to none. Please visit the Visual FX section and judge for yourself.